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2019 - vol. 35




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Sánchez JM, Jauregi JI, Goikoetxea J, Aranguren I, Arizaga J.  Breeding biology and prey availability in the White-throated Dipper in Northern Iberia. pp. 1-8.
Foto de Prunella
The White-throated Dipper only breeds near rivers with an excellent environmental quality. By installing nest-boxes in Gipuzkoa (N Spain), the authors monitored the full breeding cycle  of the species.

Rodríguez B, Siverio F.  Status, habitat and diet of breeding Barbary falcons from a rugged oceanic island in the western limit of its distribution. pp. 9-20.
Foto de Juan Sagardía
La Palma, Canary Islands, harbours the westernmost population of Barbary falcons. The abrupt topography of this volcanic island made it harder for the authors to estimate the number of breeding pairs and studying their diet.

Bracho Estévanez CA, Prats Aparicio S.  Competitive inter- and intraspecific dominance relations in three gull species. pp. 21-29.
In beaches and parks of Barcelona and its metropolitan area, there are lots of gulls perfectly adapted to the urban environment. Competition for our food waste and garbage is fierce and conflict among them is continuous.

Andino H, Barriocanal C, Robson D.  Wing morphology in Robin Erithacus rubecula populations with different migratory behaviour. pp. 30-38.
Foto de Jorge Rubio
In Catalonia (NE Spain), there are Robin populations that breed, pass during migration, or stay only during winter.  Each of these populations migrate a different distance, a behaviour reflected in the shape of their wings.

Salcedo-Rivera GA, de la Osa-V J, Fuentes-Mario JA, de la Ossa Lacayo A.  Notes on the reproductive biology of the Roadside Hawk Rupornis magnirostris in the Colombian Caribbean. pp. 39-42.
Foto de Haui
Although it is a common American raptor, its biology is still poorly understood.

Aymí R, Riera X.  Mimicry by Great Tit Parus major of Western Bonelli's Warbler Phylloscopus bonelli. pp. 43-46.
Great Tits have a surprisingly varied repertoire of sounds, which can induce to misidentifications with other species.

Illa M, Mañas X.  An albino Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe in the Pyrenees (N Iberian Peninsula). pp. 47-50.
Foto de  Xavier Mañas
Albinism is a rare phenomenon in nature, but this Wheatear from the Cadí Natural Park (NE Spain) was an exception.

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