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Job opportunity: ornitho project communication assistant

Dijous 23 Desembre 2021

The ornitho system is one of the leading online tools dedicated to the collection of naturalistic observations and monitoring data. The system is being used by more than 100 institutions (mostly ornithological organizations) in 10 different countries and, only during 2021, collected more than 30 million records from nearly 300,000 registered observers half part through one of its local online portals and half through NaturaList, its worldwide mobile app.
One of the reasons of the success of the ornitho system is that it counts with lots of different functions to help collect, organize and display this amazing amount of data in the best possible way, often including fine-tuned local adaptations. The ornitho project communication assistant will have a key role helping to properly document all these possibilities and to ensure that both the people that collect the field data as well as the responsibles of the different local online portals make the most of them. The selected person will be working very closely with the Biolovision team, the Swiss company that created and develops the ornitho system.
Specific tasks to be developed:
• On the short term, you will be asked to check and redo the structure of the ornitho wiki in English and update or write an user guide for each function (the current wiki is mostly in French:
• On the long run, you will maintain the ever evolving wiki to help ornitho users and customers to use the system properly and at full capacity. Therefore, you will have an  important role to play for a better use and understanding of this powerful tool.
• Regular online meetings with the Biolovision team will be needed.
We request:
• To know how the system work (ornitho portals, NaturaList app) and to speak and write English fluently.
• Strong interest in computer sciences and nature.
• Being well organized and autonomous, having the capacity to summarise and explain concepts easily.
• Good writing skills, basic image editing knowledge and ease at producing nice looking and easily understandable page layouts.
• Interest in working from home.
• Field experience collecting data using ornitho protocols and active user of the ornitho systems are a good plus.
We offer:
• A working position of 50% to 100% with a lot of autonomy.
• 100% teleworking.
• Six month contract (extendable).
• Annual gross salary: 22.560€ (in case of full time position).
Send CV in and motivation letter to before January 16th.

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